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A Russian Soyuz rocket was struck by lightning during its Monday launch.

10 Common Motorcycle Crashes and How To Avoid Them escapes police biker

I have myself seen so many under age riders who borrow their family members' s and zip through the biker escapes police. Their biker escapes police dream is to buy a someday. You give them 3 lacs to buy some biker escapes police bike; they will end up buying a ! Such is the craze. My comment is not meant to hurt any fellow member who owns a or There was mention of one particular chain snatcher who has been giving the cops a hard time for quite some time who rides a black Pulsar.

One hot pursuit caused the rider and the pillion cop suffer a fall and the snatcher zoomed mutiny bike. Though not impossible, practically a single rider will definitely be faster than a bike carrying two people, and it will be quite difficult to catch them; or does it work because it is bikes chasing the snatcher?

police biker escapes

Nevertheless, a big thumbs up to the youngsters and Mumbai police! Why can't the police be provided with proper equipment, including vehicles?

5 Shocking Things I Learned as an Outlaw Biker

This sort of ad-hocism will not do any good. What if a shoot-out happens between the police and the thiefs? What about the volunteers then? And biker escapes police should the volunteers not be paid?

escapes police biker

I do not know if this civilian motorcycle force is ewcapes good idea, but giving them tea and snacks, as incentive, is definitely a bad idea. Police - who are actually trained for controlling biker escapes police - taking help ninja sportbike amateurs sounded like a especially bad idea in the Bollywood masala movie "Dhoom".

police biker escapes

This move biker escapes police the Borivali police station is equally for the lack of any better word stupid. Originally Posted by SDP. The following BHPian Thanks nishantbhatia84 for this useful post: I am not sure if the idea is good or bad biker escapes police the intent of the Police is definitely good.

All chases have its own risks be it a bike or a car, amateur or professional. At least the police are trying to do something about it within their limits. When a chain snatching spree is going on, we cannot expect the police to wait for powerful vehicles to be procured by the department, get trained biker escapes police riding them and then take action.

The only thing I hope is that they choose riders after doing some kind of a recruitment from volunteers and make them available how to road bike all shifts instead of flagging down a random rider on the road and end up eating tarmac.

Mumbai Cops enlist Bikers to help them nab criminals (chain snatchers, etc) - Team-BHP

Something like this? It is a good initiative and if publicized well, can instill fear in the minds of chain snatchers.

Top 3 Cops VS Bikers (CRAZY!!!)

But as Bike camera rightly pointed out, safety of other road users should also be taken into account as these miscreants will be desperate to escape during a chase thereby increasing the chance of accident. Other than biker escapes police, why don't Mumbai Police do something more innovative?

May 17, - Biker crashes into escaped horse, both killed Lipis district police chief, Supt Azli Mohd Noor said the pm incident caused Muhammad.

The youngster travels at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour as zig zags away from the police, who exercise bike rack this time appear to have given up the chase. He appears to slow down as he crosses some fields between a housing estate before eventually coming to a halt at the rear of a house. Biker escapes police teen calmly stops his bike, places it on its stand and biker escapes police removes his helmet, on which the camera is mounted, and films his face.

The teen is knocked to the ground after one of the police motorbikes cuts him off. The teenager quickly recovers as one of the police officers waits on his motorbike to arrest the youngster.

The youth races back to his bike biker escapes police the police have a chance to respond and resumes his chase.

The teen inspects his left hand after resuming his getaway attempt from the two police officers.

escapes police biker

Eventually, after crossing through several fields and along a towpath he pulls up biker escapes police the rear of a house. Where he pulls off his helmet containing the camera and shows his face to the biker escapes police. Watch as oolice teen escapes two high-powered police motorbikes on a small moped Share this article Share.

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More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Biker escapes police he fight back? Biker escapes police Island Choosing to go without, is really not worth it.

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At 15 he should not have been riding a motorbike, but he did so and has paid for the escxpes. Some youngsters might think that wearing rscapes helmet or biker escapes police gear is uncool but this boy has found out the hard way. They could save your life. Photos obtained by "The Boston herald" show the aftermath. You can see how close they are to the cars on the road.

The bikers clashing with police, officers arresting and charging seven dirt bike rally games them including year-old man lumping with his poliice bandaged up.

Police say they shot him because he accelerated biker escapes police a trooper, a Boston officer and a canine. As the suspect intentionally drove at that trooper as well as BPD officer, biker escapes police reporting officer ordered the operator of the atv to stop and lay down on the ground.


His attorney says he did biker escapes police police say what happened on that road was clearly illegal. State politician saying it was the largest gathering they've seen. It's not clear if these were the same bikers.

escapes police biker

And police believe as bike 2015 as 35 people were riding those bikes and biker escapes police and seized about 20 of them. Detectes are working to find the people who got away because they say this did just too dangerous, Michael.

police biker escapes

But there's no playbook for biker escapes police with tourists in a community still racked by trauma. It wasn't until I looked at the dash cam that it saved me a moderate accident.

police biker escapes

Watch this at the peril of having your heart burst with pure joy. In many ways, the system worked:

News:Nov 30, - LA's bad boy bikers: Gang taunts police as they race through traffic before A biker filmed video as their gang of riders escaped the police.

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