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This Spring Rate Calculator will help you to find an approximate spring rate for your coil-over application. It's easy to use Step 1 - Determine Sprung Weight.

Spring Calculator

Learn about them here. About threaded fasteners.

bike calculator dirt spring rate

This article explains the many different types of screws and bolts. It further discusses details such as head types, thread pitch and grades.

Basic Spring Calculator

Why bolt and screw torque is important. Gike brief article explaining the importance of tightening torque on threaded fasteners. It also introduces some of the torque wrench types.

calculator rate bike dirt spring

How to repair stripped threads. Explains causes of stripped threads and several options for repairing them.

Choosing correct spring rates

Includes video sections. About thread lockers. What thread lockers are, how they work, the basic types and the benefits of using them.

rate calculator dirt bike spring

How to repair an o-ring. Often, an expanded o-ring can be repaired. Here is how to fix an expanded o-ring. About seals. A brief explanation of the basic types of seals used in industry.

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Reference charts for inch and metric tap drill sizes. Metric tap drills. Reference chart consisting of metric tap drill sizes.

spring calculator bike dirt rate

Inch tap drills. Reference chart consisting of inch tap drill sizes.

How to calculate free sag based on spring rate

Dirt bike controls setup. How to set up dirt bike controls: Handlebars, brake lever, clutch lever, shift lever and brake pedal.

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Hand grips replacement. How to replace your dirt bike hand grips. Brake pedal maintenance. How to maintain the rear brake pedal for maximum pedal life. Braking peformance. Just for the bump, and because I found this thread helpful as well.

bike rate dirt calculator spring

Calculators told me to for my Stumpjumper. Ended up with I need another 50 to 75 pounds before I feel good about running this in the park, or doing bike drops.

spring rate calculator dirt bike

For my M16, calculators where saying roughly Ended up on When the mods were completed, Robinson had a little trouble adapting to the spread-out riding position, but he soon acclimated and enjoyed the customizing. He took no time at all to appreciate the personalized suspension dirt bike spring rate calculator.

rate dirt bike calculator spring

He rides with more confidence and aggressiveness off-road and on the track. He is able to ktm superbikes jumps and hammer into jump faces for the first time racing dirt bikes for sale his riding history. He literally has never had a motorcycle that worked correctly before. He is quickly unlearning the timidity that has come from a constant diet of frightfully undersprung motorcycles.

When I found dirt bike spring rate calculator I would be the lab rat for this story, I tried to keep my expectations reasonable. Secretly, though, I had this fantasy result in mind of how good the suspension would be and how much of a difference it would make in my riding. The final result blows away those fantasy expectations. I couldn't even imagine the difference that correct suspension setup made.

I'm still adjusting to the suspension, and as I learn what the bike will dirt bike spring rate calculator, I have tried stiffer adjuster settings, and it just keeps getting better.

bike rate calculator spring dirt

I'm able to experience riding in a way that I never have before. I've even started passing riders rwte having battles on the track.

rate calculator dirt bike spring

Now I realize that I was trying ddirt equivalent of riding motocross with trials suspension. I can land short and not crash and even overjump without fear.

Oct 17, - Because the air shock has a much more progressive spring rate curve, . they are a % valid choice for your enduro or trail bike – provided.

dirt bike spring rate calculator A big part of the trust in the suspension comes from opening up the riding position. But if I had known how valuable these mods calculatog going to be, I'd have scraped up the money somehow, some way and a long time ago! Menu Sign Up. The calculator said this for fork springs: Select Type of Riding: Enter Rider Weight without gear: Just plug-in your weight including gear and it will show the rate you need.

Please be short and concise with your request. Long emails with many questions will NOT be answered. Most guys estimate the weight of their gear and are usually wrong. Weigh your dirt bike spring rate calculator, you will be surprised. Coil springs are made from one spribg two materials — steel or titanium.

Steel springs are relatively inexpensive, but heavy. Titanium springs can represent a significant weight saving, but with a premium price tag. The calculato is yours — and will largely depend on your specialized expert bike. Springs for coil shocks are rated using two numbers you will see these stamped on the raet, e.

The first number is the weight in pounds needed to compress the spring by an inch aka spring rate — see below and the second is the travel length of the spring in inches.

News:Choosing the correct spring for your coil shock is crucial towards getting the best Spring rate should be correct to suit your body weight, bike and riding style.

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