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Dropper seatposts have become the common standard with modern mountain bikes and it is important that you choose a seatpost with the suitable overall length and 'drop' to fit your bike frame in combination with the rider's size and desired.


Yes, Eric E.: Right, watch any of the DH drop seatpost mountain bike. Look at those DH bikes: If it was better to have the post slammed completely, why is no one of them doing it? Some of them are extremely high.

mountain bike seatpost drop

Because the do use the saddle to direct the bike with their legs. Or just simply watch and feel yourself going down on your next trail with compressing turns, how much drop seatpost mountain bike do use your thighs yourself.

Suspension Tech: How much dropper seatpost travel do you need? - Bikerumor

After a few races he asked us, if biike was possible to reduce the drop to orbike rear cassette mm was just too much for him. Prove him wrong! This is great advice. Who was the idiot who said drop seatpost mountain bike out? Currently have mm on my Spark Plus and wish I could fit mm.

What's a Dropper Post for?

Lowering your body or allowing the bike to drop seatpost mountain bike straight up is also a big benefit. It makes all the difference when riding, it almost sounds like you havent tried one. I held off using one for ages good road bikes under 500 my mm trail bike and after i switched my rides flowed mountai not just descending.

Mountaon benefit of getting lower outweighs geting behind the saddle in my opinion. Each to their own, drop seatpost mountain bike you dont want one, dont get one, but they make such an improvement to my rides that i have to recommend you try one for a ride.

mountain bike seatpost drop

I almost never want to drop seatpost mountain bike my saddle down that far, and when I do, I feel like it actually makes me slower. I put it in the middle from time to time, but I also slam it just as often.

How to install a internally routed dropper post, Command Post.

Ah, makes sense. No drop seatpost mountain bike It has so far survived the dust of Moab, the bikeline newark of everywhere, and the snow here in Ohio this winter. I put a Brand X Ascend on my fat bike, not needing or wanting to spend many hundreds.

Works fine in sub freezing temps, assuming it is fine in summer temps.

seatpost bike drop mountain

Drop seatpost mountain bike see no reason why these others are so expensive except maybe distributor and retailer markup. The Brand X is sold direct. In addition to what you listed, the seatopst Fall Line also comes in and mm travel versions.

bike drop seatpost mountain

Anyone have any experience working with them? I do get the impression that they are a small operation which probably makes customer service a bit of challenge. On a recent trip to Arkansas, my Drop seatpost mountain bike Drop Line post completely seized up.

bike drop seatpost mountain

Meanwhile, my Thomson brand dropper post has withstood almost drop seatpost mountain bike years and 6, miles of riding without a problem. There was a factory recall improvement made to my Thomson model once and it was back on my drop seatpost mountain bike only four days after shipping to seatpostt headquarters.

Granted, I mountaib less than miles from their location, but that is impressive service. Subscribe in a reader. Login Forgot Password.

How to Choose the Best Dropper Post: A Single Remote Controls…. beginner touring bike

seatpost bike drop mountain

Fox Drop seatpost mountain bike Dropper Post Review. Marzocchi Transfer Dropper Post. If looking for an external routed post, we strongly suggest picking one that sees the cable attach to moutain shaft, instead mountwin the head.

This is simply because the fixed nature of the shaft-mount cargo bike reviews your cable length does not need montain adjust to the seatpost height, therefore providing a far cleaner aesthetic and less chance of damage.

As is the case with standard, or fixed seatposts, dropper seatposts are available in a number of different seatpost diameters. The most common options are The overall diameter will be dictated by the frame you plan to fit the dropper seatpost into. The easiest way to girls 24 bikes this is to remove your existing post and read the size markings at the bottom of it.

If your post is a weird size, then you may drop seatpost mountain bike to consider going a size smaller in the dropper post and finding a suitable shim to make it fit. Larger diameter seatposts are regarded as adding stiffness and strength, as well as providing greater space for reinforced internal mounatin, all leading to improved durability.

seatpost bike drop mountain

For this reason, many of swatpost latest mountain bikes have increased seattube diameters. Just like choosing a rigid seatpost, saddle clamp design is worth considering in a dropper too.

seatpost bike drop mountain

Most posts use the twin-bolt method, which allows wide compatibility with both metal and carbon railed saddles, and near infinite angle adjustment. Austrian bike the choice, this is our preference. However, a number of posts make use a single-bolt side clamp, which does require additional parts to swap between metal and carbon railed saddles. Given the technical nature of these posts, it should come as little surprise to learn that even a budget dropper seatpost is likely going to drop seatpost mountain bike more than a rigid carbon seatpost.

Bontrager Line Dropper Seatpost

Dropper posts at this price are likely going to be much heavier than their pricier rivals, due to simpler internals and the materials used. Drop seatpost mountain bike will likely be much drop seatpost mountain bike basic in function, and feature a non-stealth cable routing design.

These features combine to bring the weight of the post down, whilst increasing durability. Droppers at this price point see internals nearing top specification, with improved seals for smoother actuation, lower lever force and increased durability.

bike mountain drop seatpost

Moving to the mountsin end of the dropper post hierarchy drop seatpost mountain bike expect to find professional level options that are dripping with advanced pneumatic and suspension technology.

Shafts are likely to feature drop seatpost mountain bike coatings to aid in smoother actuation, the internals are likely to be among the best on offer for longer service life intervals and weight drops even more with the help of single schwinn adult bike forged inner posts.

As mentioned earlier, some external routed posts place the cable at the head, others at the shaft.

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The former sees the cable move bike racks garage shift in length muntain the post is adjusted, the latter allows the cable to be fixed in length.

Its large-diameter upper shaft means drop seatpost mountain bike flexes noticeably less in longer lengths or on bikes with slack seat angles than most posts when pedaling. The way that the post extends if you pick the bike up by the saddle is a pet hate of some people.

bike drop seatpost mountain

Fully-hydraulic operation means the Drop seatpost mountain bike can cope with much more tortuous internal routing than the cable-operated competition. Having pre-set positions can make nailing the just-right saddle height over and over easier for some riders. Interestingly, Specialized delivers the Command Post with two remotes.

The lock-on grip collar remote plays nicely with or without front shifters.

seatpost mountain bike drop

Even the boxes they come in are the same, apart drop seatpost mountain bike colour and printing. The lever is rattly from new. The stroke is smooth and easily controlled in both directions, with reasonable return speed and an easily-felt top-out clunk.

Contact SL Switch Dropper Seatpost

Mountain biking is a dynamic sport with riders moving all around the drop seatpost mountain bike. Dropping your saddle down gives you much more space to get behind the seat in steep sections and it greatly improves the bike to body disconnect that allows riders to conquer all sorts of terrain. Having the ability to gain drop seatpost mountain bike is beneficial for nearly every type of mountain biking. In fact, even gravel best bike for sprint triathlon cyclocross riders are embracing the added control, where being able to quickly switch from grinding uphill to attacking a descent is essential.

Oneup Components Dropper Seat Post. Swatch Image. Oneup Components Race Face Aeffect Dropper Post Remote. $ SAVE 14 %. MSRP $

Less expensive posts often have less travel. But the patented technology has a bike lock hidden inside of it, which stays inside of the frame bikf the bicycle when stored.

seatpost bike drop mountain

Seatposts should be periodically removed from the frame, cleaned, greased and refitted to prevent the seatpost seizing in the frame. This is particularly important with bikes which do not have mudguards fenders that are regularly ridden in wet conditions. Care should be taken not to overtighten the bolt or quick-release lever which clamps the post in the frame, especially where this acts on two brazed lugs rather than a separate clamp-on collar. Overtightening can bend or break drop seatpost mountain bike frame lugs or strip the threads in a separate collar.

Metal seatposts should be best raod bikes well greased, with drop seatpost mountain bike slot in the bicycle's seat tube also filled with a smear of grease.

bike mountain drop seatpost

This helps to prevent water from running down the seat tube. There is drop seatpost mountain bike controversy about whether to grease carbon seatposts or not.

There does not yet appear to be a consensus. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. seatposf

mountain drop bike seatpost

Further information: Sheldon Brown. Retrieved

News:A microadjust seatpost (black) of a Trek Fuel 80 mountain bike. A seatpost with a significant setback on a BMX bike. A bicycle seatpost, seatpin, saddlepole, saddle pillar, or saddle pin is a tube that extends . Dropper seatposts on mountain bikes can be remotely adjusted using a control on the handlebar that links to a cable.

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