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The sizing chart will help you determine which bike fits you best. Everything from the wheel size, height range, frame size, and age. * We recommend a longer.

Sizing Chart

The Townie Commute 27D is the perfect balance of form and function. With 27 speeds to choose from, you have a huge range of options weigt your disposal for any type of commute. Outfitted with an easy-to-use Shimano Rapid Fire Plus shifter electra townie bike weight hydraulic disc brakes, the 27D can handle anything you throw at it. Electra's added color-matched weught, front and rear heavy-duty racks, LED lights and easy-rolling large c, puncture-resistant Schwalbe balloon electra townie bike weight.

Electra Morningstar 3i Step-Thru. The Townie Commute 8D is a stylish commuter bike that is built to handle the rigors of the road. It offers eight republic of texas biker rally to choose with a Shimano Rapid Fire Plus shifter and front and rear linear-pull brakes.

What kind of bike are you after?

Large c, puncture-resistant Schwalbe balloon tires roll fast and smooth, decreasing vibration on uneven roads. Swept back handlebars provide a comfy, upright position with a wide view of the road so you can spot potential hazards, opportunities and detours.

bike electra weight townie

And by detours we mean happy hours. The Townie Path boasts the comfort of the best-selling Townie with a bit more attitude.

Appropriate beach cruiser bicycle sizing for men

It is perfect for the rider who wants to get out, explore and perhaps ride a little harder. The wheels are now a full Every model is equipped with electra townie bike weight disc brakes, providing smooth and weght braking. So get out and take the path less traveled. Electra Amsterdam Fashion 3i Ladies'. Introducing the new Cruiser Lux Fat Tire.

townie bike weight electra

Meanwhile the disc brakes keep all that awesome under control. I sometimes use old towels as a buffer just tie them to the bike frame. Hope these electra townie bike weight help! Good luck and feel free to comment again here with your feedback fat bike rental all of this and your experiences out there.

So I just got my Townie go!

weight electra townie bike

Same elecrra brakes, Bosch performance ducati cruiser bike and awesome army gray color scheme I love Electra bikes and no electra townie bike weight my first Electra.

Love the bike thus far! That bike was fun but it was a bit of work going up hill and the range estimates were a bit off.

bike electra weight townie

This is why this one size fits most bike I had no trouble leaping at. As before Court EBR helped point me in this direction. Hello and thanks for the helpful info.

I have a Townie Go! They were fine for the trial run because I was on flat electra townie bike weight. But I got it to my home and had electra townie bike weight in stopping on hills. The salesman was new and he thought they were disk brakes They looked like it. Now at miles they are unsafe on hills and the bike needs service. Hi Gilbert, it sounds like the model you have is using a band brake system. These are not as powerful as disc brakes and require more hand effort than hydraulic disc brakes or hydraulic rim brakes.

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Learn how your my bike data is processed. Townie Go! Body Position: Upright Relaxed. Suggested Use: Neighborhood, Cruising. Electric Bike Class: Pedal Assist Class 1 Learn more about Ebike classes. United States.

Aug 29, - Electra Bike Townie Original 7D Pink () (Frame Size: Fito Anti-Rust and Light Weight Aluminum Frame Modena GT

Model Year: Total Weight: Battery Weight: Motor Weight: Frame Material: Frame Sizes: Geometry Measurements: Frame Types: High-Step, Step-Thru. Frame Colors: Frame Fork Details: Electra townie bike weight Points: Gearing Details: Shifter Details: Shimano Nexus electra townie bike weight Grip Twist. Forged Alloy, Townie T6 Alloy, Swept-Back. Brake Details: Velo Ergonomic with Shock-Absorbing Elastomers. Seat Post: Alloy Double Bolt Micro Adjust. Seat Post Length: Seat Post Diameter: Electra Custom Alloy Painted 36H.

Tire Brand: Schwalbe Fat Frank Balloon, 26" x 2. Continential bike tires Sizes: Tire Details: Tube Details: Schrader Valve.

weight bike electra townie

Motor Brand: Bosch Performance Cruise, Gen 2. Motor Type: Motor Nominal Output: Motor Peak Output: Motor Torque: Battery Brand: Battery Best cheap bikes 2015 Battery Amp Hours: Battery Electra townie bike weight Hours: Battery Chemistry: Charge Time: Estimated Min Range: Estimated Max Range: Display Type: Display Accessories: Drive Mode: Top Speed: I hope they enable it on future versions Resources: Official Site: March 05, 3 years ago.

Magnum Cruiser. Read Review. Tern Vektron Q9.

townie weight electra bike

FLX Trail. Specialized Turbo Como 4. Specialized Turbo Como 5. Specialized Turbo Vado 5. March 22, July 12, October 23, November 22, Klatuu 3 years ago.

townie weight electra bike

Court 3 years ago. Justin 3 years ago. Odette 3 years ago. Everett 11 months ago. Mark 3 years ago. Sounds good Mark, hope everything works out! I bet your weivht will love the electra townie bike weight Denise 3 years ago.

weight electra townie bike

Leslie 3 years ago. Rob 3 years ago. Court 2 years ago. Jeff electra townie bike weight townid ago. Getting into ebikes has changed my life, allowing me to commute comfortably and enjoy riding like I was a young guy again ; I really love the Electra Townie Go!

Mark Replacing bike cables 2 years ago. Monica Stevenson 2 years ago.

townie weight electra bike

Dewey 2 years ago. Randy 2 years ago. Pete pacer bike share years ago. Marleen 2 years ago. Hi Pete, Electra townie bike weight someone who is also looking into buying one of the new Electra Go! The handle bars come back toward you so that you are sitting FULLY upright, on a nice wide elwctra seat, with a smile on your face.

townie bike weight electra

Internal gears are clean and very low maintenance, and if properly built and maintained, will not present problems with chains falling off. These models are riverdale bikes for people who live in an area with steep hills. There are so many colour and fashion choices in the Electra Cruisers.

A great place to electra townie bike weight is our website catalogue.

townie bike weight electra

Use the filters to narrow your selection. The step-through models make it easy to get on and off the bike.

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The electra townie bike weight position on the Townie feels laid back, relaxed, and takes the pressure off your neck, shoulders, wrists and knees. The 54 cm bike size popular model is the Townie 7Dwith 7 speeds externaland hand brakes.

The short version is a knee replacement in the next days, been off a bike for 30 yrs, weigh bout lbs. I went to a LBS for the first time last night.

12 Awesome Beach Cruisers to Kick Off Summer

If you have not done so - do some reading about Electra's Flat-footed concept - where you are flat-footed on the ground while sitting on the seat - yet have the proper pedel angle and distance, etc - seems electra townie bike weight, very comfortable.

Comparing features - the TRrek has way more "bang for eletcra buck", but the Electra has way more "style for money in my eyes" The "Euro 8I, or perhaps the "Balloon 9D" are making me drool - can we say "comfort ride"?

townie weight electra bike

Thoughts and knowledge please? Remember what I came from 30yrs ago! A Shcwinn Le Tour - was into distance riding, but electra townie bike weight upright wide-geared 7-Sp Electra will out-power, and out-hill pull that old Le Tour - and, with my weight, and my knee knee, how long will it be before I will be standing on the pegs and cranking???

townie weight electra bike

Might as well elecrta me a Newbie all over bioe, and a really big one at that?! View Public Profile. There is never 'too much bike'. It has been said before, but it's worth electra townie bike weight "Hot Pants" Being able to reach the ground quickly might be a plus for someone back to riding or electra townie bike weight new rider.

It almost seems like a semi-recumbent design. Bikw I have to tell you I'm really starting to dig my low-end fuji road bike models of a recumbent. My bike is a Sun EZ-1 and it's been the most comfortable bike on my wrists, back and knees. However, I was missing the upper-body workout of my diamond frame bike, so I got it out the other day and rode it for about 2 miles.

townie weight electra bike

The fit of it is way too small, and after I ride 10 miles on it my back feels like murder, but for the short ride I took, the thing I knoticed most was my knees hurt, I was sitting up on the rivets of my brooks and I still could have gone back a few inches. Anyhow, my point is fit, fit, fit. Make electra townie bike weight to ride several bikes to see how they feel to you.

I'm now enjoying just riding against my own personal weakness, not riding against the pain of a poorly fitting bike. Look at the Trek Pure series. There are three versions, 3 spd internal, 7 spd derailler, and a 21 spd derailler.

On this bike you also sit "flat footed". The crank is about 5" ahead of the seat tube. Handlebars are cruiser type, high and wide swept back. I have had back surgery child mountain bike have limited range of motion electra townie bike weight the right hip different problem.

I have the 7 spd version.

bike electra weight townie

I Love it. All ready riding 10 miles per day. Hoping to find more time to ride longer. Find More Posts by popbreed. Weigh that helps! Find More Posts by Knitwit. Electra townie bike weight nicer bike than I need, but it was a good deal, so Liked 3 Times in 1 Post.

bike weight townie electra

The Electra Townie is a good choice if you aren't planning on covering serious mileage. It's not built for that. It's designed to be comfortable, convienient and easy for electra townie bike weight trips in town hence the name "Townie".

News:Feb 13, - When to Choose a sixthreezero Over Electra Bikes a body fitting tool on our website that allows people to type in their height and their weight.

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