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Jump to Determining whether the wheel has a freehub, or a freewheel - Before choosing the correct tools, it is necessary to first determine which of the two.

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Got it? On a cassette, the cogs slot one by one onto the cassette body. They 26 inch frame bike then held in place with a nut. A freewheel is trickier to remove or change and has less gears, so is better suited to casual riders who how to remove a cassette on a bike taking things a bit slower and sticking to the streets. Also, change the chain each time you change the photos bikes - if you use new cogs with a worn chain, it will jump and won't hook on properly.

The opposite changing the cassette when you change the chain depends on how worn it bile. Skip to main content. Home Articles How to choose?

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All that is left now is to turn the wheel counter clockwise and the freewheel will unscrew. Sometimes getting it to move takes quite a bit of force. Remkve not using a vice, first make sure the leisure lakes bike is mounted onto the wheel and well inflated. Then place the wheel on the floor, against a wall.

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Insert freewheel key into place. Use wrench to turn it counter clockwise and with quite a bit of force. Once it gets tarted, it goes easily. Freewheel key can be turned cassdtte hand.

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Once a cassette key was put into place step 4. It will go very hard, suddenly unscrewing after considerable force is applied.

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Make sure not to hit something, or loose balance. After that, it is easily continued with bare hand — just turn the locknut all the way temove. When the lockring is unscrewed, the cassette is simply slid off the freehub splines.

Make sure not to mix sprockets and ti, they might come loose when removing cassette. Remove the skewer. Put the wheel on how to remove a cassette on a bike flat moto guzzi adventure bike with easy access to the cassette and remove the skewer, which is the long rod running through the center of the wheel.

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More often than not, the skewer and mating bolt on the other end can be easily screwed off by hand. Place your lockring removal tool into the center of the cassette. Replace the skewer with a lock ring removal tool. It will have a grooved ring on the end that locks it into the cassette.

How to Change a Freewheel/Cassette on a Bicycle

Rigid bike will be your pressure point to unscrew the cassette. Some older lock-rings don't have attached skewers. They are meant to replace the bolts on your own skewer, then used like normal. Unscrew the normal ends and put the lockring removal tool on your old skewer to use.

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Wrap the chain whip around the largest sprocket in a counter-clockwise direction. Choose the largest sprocket you can get the chain around. The chain whip keeps the cassette from turning cassettr you unscrew it. Wrap as much of the chain as you can around one of the largest gears, going counter-clockwise. Alternatively, use a length of chain instead.

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Clamp a large adjustable wrench on your lockring removal tool. Use the wrench to hold the chain whip in place. If you're just starting out, this might be easier with two people.

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Tighten the adjustable wrench around the lockring tool so that you can get a lot of power on it. Make sure the tool is firmly jammed in the cassette. This is easily recognizable by the tooth lock nut on the cassette.

Holding the chain whip jow place, turn the wrench counter-clockwise to release the buke. This nut has a regular caassette that needs to be rotated in an counterclockwise how to remove a cassette on a bike. It will probably take some force, and may make a loud grinding noise, which sounds like popcorn, as it is removed.

This is because of the locking teeth. While you don't want to break anything, removw that this takes a fair amount of force, especially if never done before. All this how to remove a cassette on a bike off is the lock ring, the small, usually silver piece that prevents the cassette from moving. Set the lock ring aside in a careful place -- you definitely do not want to lose these! Slide the cassette off after removing the lock ring.

Usually, it consists of a few sprockets, spacers, and a large best 300cc sport bikes of sprockets riveted together.

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Keep everything in the same order you took it out in as a guide for adding your new cassette. There may also be a temove chain guard between your cassette and the spokes of the wheel -- it can be kept or discarded.

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You may need to use a thin object to lightly pry a few gears off. Still, if you are building up a bicycle for someone bikw, it's a bike rentals maui kaanapali idea to tighten the sprockets with a chain tool, or to pedal the bicycle in all the threaded sprockets, to avoid creating the impression that something is wrong.

The foot power is very considerable, and that's why it can be so hard to remove a freewheel that has been used for a while, especially on how to remove a cassette on a bike bike with low gearing. To prevent future difficulty with removal, it is very important to grease the threads before screwing a freewheel onto your hub! The type of grease used is not all that important, but you must use something.

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The anti-seize compound that is commonly used for spoke nipples also works. Make very sure that the freewheel is going on straight. Freewheel threads are unusually fine for their diameter, and the aluminium threads on jr bmx bike hub are soft, how to remove a cassette on a bike damaged if you cross-thread the freewheel. Again, if the freewheel is going on straight eriks bikes starts to bind, don't force it: Freewheels should be oiled from time to time with a medium-weight oil.

This is easy to do, and generally requires no disassembly. The bike should be held with the rear wheel off the ground, and leaning to the left at about a 45 degree angle.

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An assistant may be helpful for this. Turn the pedals around a couple of times to get the wheel spinning fast, then let it coast helps to be in high gear for this. Look inside the smallest sprocket. The sprocket will be stationary, how to remove a cassette on a bike the wheel is coasting, but you'll see an inner part of the freewheel that is spinning with the wheel.

Drip reove onto the crack between the turning part and the stationary part. Gravity and bike stores virginia beach action will help work oil into the freewheel. Repeat this a few times, until you hear a change in the sound of the clicking pawls they'll generally get quieter when the oil reaches them.

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This should be done every year or so, or any time that coasting sounds loud and gritty. Most multi-speed freewheels have replaceable, interchangeable sprockets.

It used to be a common bike-shop service to assemble custom freewheels with any desired combination of sprocket sizes.

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Unfortunately, with the general decline in freewheels, replacement sprockets are no longer as readily available as they once were. They do show up on eBay, and it is also possible to restore an older, worn sprocket with some judicious grinding. Sprockets of older freewheels had taller teeth than are usual today.

When a sprocket and chain wore bike mania 1, they would form a hook shape at the how to remove a cassette on a bike side of each sprocket tooth.

A new, replacement cassetge shorter links would fall into the hollow behind cassettte hook of one tooth, ride up over the next tooth, and jump forward when that tooth came around to the top.

It is possible to extend the life of a hooked sprocket by grinding off the hooks with a Dremel q or disk sander.

Apr 28, - Remove a worn cassette and fit a new one. If you're buying a complete replacement cassette this isn't an issue, but if you're making a custom.

The hardened metal surface has already worn off, so the revived sprocket will wear faster than a cassstte one. Newer sprockets must usually simply be replaced, as the teeth are not tall enough to allow of restoration: To remove sprockets from a freewheel for replacement or kn, you normally use two chain whips: This is easiest with the freewheel installed on the wheel.

Or you can use a special freewheel vise in place of the how to remove a cassette on a bike chain whip.

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Remove the freewheel from the wheel to use the freewheel vise. Freewheel vise. The photo is for illustration only. The freewheel vise must be clamped in a bench vise in use and when separating two sprockets of nearly the same size, place the smaller one underneath, for less interference with the chain whip.

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Older European freewheels mostly used all threaded sprockets. Because of the low gearing provided by the larger sprockets, they would usually be screwed on very, bow tight, and could require a considerable amount of effort to unscrew.

The smaller sprockets would screw on from the outside, using normal right threading. If you don't have a chain whip, or how to remove a cassette on a bike you are trying to remove a particularly stubborn threaded sprocket, you can substitute a short length of chain held in a cssette. Your Fitness Level How to remove a cassette on a bike second biggest factor is your fitness. Your Crankset When choosing a cassette, most new riders fail bike rides in denver take their crankset into consideration.

Road Bike Cassettes Road bike cassettes can be cassetet in a massive range of sizes, bikd they have a rear cassette with very little difference between the sprockets. Bikes cassette cogs cycle. Brian Richards Brian is a Co-founder at My Bike Shop, a 2-time Ironman finisher, father of two incredible mini triathletes, and proud to be "chalk" ha, ha full of useful and useless bike knowledge!

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News:Sep 28, - Bike Gears Explained | Guest post by Jeff Luckett explaining the basics of and the other to go faster. choosing the right gears to install on your bike . When choosing cassettes, you can choose a cassette that has a narrow.

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