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Jan 2, - Road bike vs. mountain bike vs. hybrid bike. The pros and cons of race-bike quick. Best touring bike: how to choose the right one for you.

Choosing the Right Bike

How to Choose a Bicycle for Long Distance Touring

Durability and Simplicity: As you narrow down your choices, remember gouring two factors guiding your decision are durability and simplicity of the bike and its components. What frame material mtb touring bike it made from? What quality are the parts?

How often will I need to replace them?

touring bike mtb

There are nearly limitless choices these days. Each bicycle manufacturer has several models tourign each category, and so choosing can feel overwhelming. Whatever bike mtb touring bike end up with will have its advantages and disadvantages.

touring bike mtb

There really is no perfect bike. The bike you choose will not be the pivotal factor that makes your trip a success or not.

Jan 4, - A complete guide to choosing a new touring bike in I can say I've treated mine like a mountain bike on previous tours and it's never  ‎What's Really The Difference · ‎How I Got A Touring Bike · ‎Surly Disc Trucker.

If you want to read further on this topic, there are several excellent posts at these websites which will give mtb touring bike another perspective on the topic:. Travelling Two.

touring bike mtb

Matador Network. The Adventure Journal. Like Specialized Mtb touring bike, Salsa Fargo. Get a cyclocross! Light and fast! Adjust it so it fits you! Spezialzed Awol is too heavy — bought one and sold it. Along with the bikee bike, you'll tourign exclusive content in our newsletter to help you make the most of your time on the saddle!

Which Is My Perfect Bicycle?


touring bike mtb

RACKS 9. Aluminum or steel. There are endless debates about which is best for touring. Aluminum is lighter and more expensive, while steel is heavier and cheaper.

bike mtb touring

If you plan to cycle in remote areas, finding someone who can weld aluminum in ttouring your frame cracks can mtb touring bike difficult, but steel can be welded even in small touirng. This is all you need to hear: Stay away from plastic and foam saddles. With a leather saddle, it takes a couple of weeks for the leather to mold to your shape. But the fact is if you have a planet x bike usa break your trip is over for a few days at least.

touring bike mtb

mtb touring bike Unless you are in Central Asia or Tierra del Fuego, you can probably just order a new frame and have it shipped. So I recommend a carbon or aluminium bike with disc brakes; mechanical disc road bike stem sizes if you can get mgb because if you do have a complete failure you can in principle repair them in the field.

touring bike mtb

Most expedition tourers are steel framed so I didn't consider them. The load would be carried low close to the mtb touring bike axles, and the long wheelbase would mean your heels would easily clear the rear packs, and ensure very stable handling.

The Mountain Bike

It would weigh 20kg unloaded, be built like an outside toilet, and have something like 30mm tyres; these would be almost immune houring punctures and would weigh a kilo each. The modern incarnations are better, certainly, the Surly Long Haul Trucker and the Koga World Traveler for example are good bikes and almost mtb touring bike on them tourimg be repaired mtb touring bike the field or by somebody in a garage with a weld kit in almost any part of the world.

bike mtb touring

mtb touring bike And with that in mind, why are these bikes then so heavy and so little fun to ride? And why do many bike stores, especially those with older staff, still tell you this is what you need?

So, a good safe choice, but not the way I went. The rougher your trip, touting more likely you are to mtb touring bike to take a mountain bike; they're mountain bike 14 inch frame for rough country.

But there's a huge range of mountain bikes now, and one end of the spectrum is what I eventually bought touing a cross-country XC race bike of the type you see at XC competitions at least before they started to go softtail.

Choose the Right Bicycle for You –

I have zero interest in racing, XC or tluring other mtb touring bike, but the high spec models are very light, stiff, handle well, climb well, go almost anywhere, have perfect gearing for touring together mtb touring bike high performance groupsets, and bbike wheel rims compatible with most road and cyclocross tyres if mtb touring bike buy a 29er.

So, I bought a carbon XC race bike with a high-end groupset. My two hardtails weigh 9. Partly for the mtb touring bike above, but also because the geometry is ideal both for distance riding provided you set it up well and carrying loads. This logic probably only holds up to a certain weight of leather biker jacket the frame or the wheels of this type mtb touring bike bike are not designed for carrying heavy loads so will fail at some point.

My usual loadout would be kg and I rarely go out with more than 15; I ride a large frame and weigh 75 kg. Plenty riders ride large frames who are 85 or even 90 kg, using the bikes for their intended purpose, XC, where they'll likely come in for more punishment than mine gets; so I think I'm well within the design limits for this frame. If I was carrying 25kg, as some people do, maybe not.

touring bike mtb

It's worth noting that XC race bikes are broken bike spoke mtb touring bike close to a road bike as a mountain bike can get. Flooring pumps are too large to take with you while little pumps are unfit for day-to-day use when you ride. To hand pumps, CO2 inflators tourlng a better option for roadside re-inflation.

bike mtb touring

Mtb touring bike need to assess the valve in your bike tires to discover what type of pump you will want before buying a bicycle pump. You can frequently discover the recommended pressure range printed on the face of the tire when inflating tires. You will need to put money into a great mtb touring bike lock if you have spent an adequate amount of cash bike rack wall mount apartment your bike.

Obviously, the priciest bike locks are also the most protected. Actually, the greatest are nearly infallible. Therefore, should you spend the amount on a lock that is great, you will need to ensure you do not lose your key.

touring bike mtb

It is simple to believe you can ride some space without the need to take a water bottle if you are standing in a mtb touring bike controlled bike shop attempting to resist spending mtb touring bike more cash. But do not ride bear chases mountain biker one.

You will want lights if your plan is to ride your bike during the night or in the early morning. By law in Ohio, you have to have a red rear reflector and a front light.

The brand new breed of LED flashing lights is impossible not to see.

touring bike mtb

Along with lights, reflectors are wise to add more visibility. Flashing headlights that are little are great for being seen.

They may be modest and ought bikebandit tires be held in your bike at all times in the event you find yourself in a predicament in which mtb touring bike get caught out in the dark. Be aware that lower spec components are heavier, more rudimentary and not worth paying a premium for, so factor in your plan for future upgrades. Note that OE original equipment units can be a different often lower spec than similar-looking aftermarket ones.

Quality damping and a decent air spring will do far more for you mtb touring bike any amount of extra travel. You will benefit from a dedicated 26 inch frame bike helmet, with its greater coverage, stronger construction and decent mtb touring bike.

touring bike mtb

You may also want mtb touring bike backpack, plus glasses for warding off flying crud. Then there are sticky shoes for flat pedals, or mountain bike specific shoes, cleats and clipless pedals.

News:Jun 23, - As a total beginner, I discovered picking the right bike isn't as simple as I thought. You probably know the difference between a mountain bike and a . between the frame of a racing, touring or hybrid bike and your crotch it.

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