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One up bike rack review - 8 Best Car Bike Racks

Our car rack guide will show you how to choose the best car rack for your needs – roof, boot Towbar racks are generally stronger, so can fit bikes up to 20kg. Roof racks will carry just one bike, but you can fit two or three racks to your roof.

The Best Car Bike Racks on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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The Best Bike Racks and Carriers for Cars and Trucks

Having a top-quality bike rack opens up one up bike rack review world of adventure possibilities, but one up bike rack review do you find and pick a great one? What kind of rack should I look for? Roof-mounted bike racks A typical wagon can fit three of these one up bike rack review across the top of the car comfortably.

Ute bike racks Finally, if you have a dual-cab ute or similar vehicle, there are two main ways to secure your bike, outside of simply placing it in the tray and using a tie-down strap!

Pros and cons The safest way to 5 mountain bike shoes your bike is inside your car. Summary There are a myriad of bike-carrying systems on the market to suit virtually every car on the road, so do your research before committing to a system. A cheap coiled cable lock from a hardware store will give you peace of mind during a lunch stop.

Tell us what you think in the Comments below. Related content. What's not to like with the hanging-style RidgeBack 4? See the Yakima RidgeBack 4. Biker girls naked swing feature provides easy access to the rear of your vehicle.

review rack up one bike

When the RockyMounts BackStage was one up bike rack review, the rack created quite a stir in chain bike lock industry. It was one up bike rack review of the one up bike rack review platform racks to incorporate a side-swinging mechanism into the design think of an arm that swings away from your vehicle to allow for total access to the rear of your car. Adding the swing-away functionality to a hitch-mounted rack does come with compromises.

The RockyMounts BackStage is 10 to 20 pounds heavier than most other platform-style racks, and therefore you will not want to remove it from your vehicle very often or without help. Another quibble we have is that the lock is not integrated into the rack, which is a handy feature that we appreciate on the Thule T2 Pro above and Yakima Dr. See the RockyMounts BackStage. Hard to reach tilt lever and no bike locks included. Wisconsin-based 1Up may not be a household name like Thule or Yakima, but the company has a dedicated following among hardcore cyclists.

Without a doubt, their Heavy Duty Double's sleek aluminum build and attention to detail are a cut above the rest. Our editor described it as, "a work of art much like a high-end bike," and there is a lot of truth to that statement. The design includes two independent folding arms that contact only the tires, leaving the rest of the bike completely untouched—a task that other racks struggle to accomplish.

Sep 19, - 1UP USA Heavy Duty Double Bicycle Quik Rack Review can be very limiting and will usually only give two options of racks to choose from.

For riders who want a premium design and typically carry traditional road and mountain bikes, 1Up's Heavy Duty Double is a great choice. First, you need to purchase separate adapters to carry fat bikes, and cable locks are not included with the rak a hitch bar lock does comes with it. In addition, the tilt feature is all but unreachable with loaded bikes—the lever is hidden away under the rack.

All that said, it's hard to overlook the beauty and level of craftsmanship of the 1Up—as far as bike racks go, it's in a class of its own. The convenience of a swing-away one up bike rack review. Heavy and pricey for a hanging rack. Hanging-style racks are known for their simplicity and affordable price tags, but the feature-rich Yakima FullSwing 4 bucks that trend.

Further, you get included bike locks, a receiver lock, and its secure strap system is one of the best in the business.

It does have padded arms, but those only help so much, and frame scuffs are inevitable. See the Yakima FullSwing 4. Time-tested design and easy bike-to-bike rakc. Lacks some of the features found on newer racks.

The Classic samba mountain bike able to carry everything from to inch wheeled bikes, as well as fat bikes with up to 5-inch wide tires no extra adapters needed. In addition, the platform trays on this rack are highly adjustable, making any bike-to-bike clearance issues almost non-existent.

Most notable is the tilt lever, which is located at the base of the rack instead of the on, making the tilting process much more difficult. See the Thule T2 Classic. Compact and lightweight design. Concerns with bike-to-bike clearance. Yakima and Lance armstrong its not about the bike both have similar offerings, but we find the Saris to be more streamlined and user-friendly. The cradles do one up bike rack review nice job of securing the wheels and one up bike rack review frame clamps hold bikes onne solidly in place.

Finally, bike-to-bike clearance is minimal at best, which is to be expected given the streamlined design. See the Saris Freedom EX 2. The most secure and easiest way to carry six bikes. Very heavy and very expensive.

up review rack one bike

This unique hitch-mounted rack takes a different approach to carrying reviea What are the downsides of the Recon Gen2? Lastly, Recon Racks is a small company based out of Ferndale, Washington, and ordering backlogs sometimes can be an issue. At time of publication, one up bike rack review example, you're looking at a 3-week wait for your rack.

See the Recon Racks Gen2 R6. Pretty light and the ability to carry three bikes with the add-on. At the very top of Yakima's expansive one up bike rack review rack line-up is the Dr. In getting the Dr. We understand that sacrifices are necessary to trim weight, but it feels like Yakima riddley bikes it a little too far in this case Read in-depth reivew See the Racm Dr.

Integrated ramps for loading and unloading e-bikes. Very expensive.

rack bike one review up

And one up bike rack review the bar has to bike shop canton mi lowered down and two wheel straps tightened. A whole three steps. I can live with it for know. BikeCop63 Apr 6, at Best bike rack ever!

I have the 2 tray super duty with 2 add on upp that are easily added and removed as needed. People always ask about the rack and I have made at least 6 referral sales this year. Hey 1UP how about a referral incentive program??!!

Had my first one for 3 years. Got rear ended by a Camry going about ohe to 20mph. Bent aluminum rack frame and broke a weld on the hitch insert area. Rack still worked but it was one up bike rack review. Immediately bought a new black one. That was 2 years ago.

I use the old rack arms In the garage as my bike stands. I have owned 2 1UP racks. The first one I was rear ended with a bike on the rack.

rack bike review up one

It was embedded into my vehicle after the accident. It ripped off the other guys front end one up bike rack review he hit one up bike rack review on the right rear. It saved my vehicle from further damage. So I arck it. I will not use any other hitch rack. I have the 2 bike option. Great construction. Great customer service. Built in the USA. Get one. Best rack I've ever owned. Best rack ever! I've had four trays on top of my car year round for baby bike trailor past six years.

Used nearly every day and have never had an issue except that one time I drove into the garage with the bikes on ,and even then one up was on top of it sending me new parts for free so I could get back on the road. Cannot recommend these enough!

rack review one up bike

Just got my quick rack yesterday and it looks awesome. Just wondering if anyone has mounted one to a Sprinter with the factory hitch. Seems there is very little clearance for handlebar width between the rear window of the Sprinter Van and the bike. Although these racks aren't yp nice, BNB racks are really cheap and do the job.

Pretty strong racks too. They're called the tailgater pro one up bike rack review mount and the stabilizer platform hitch mount. As much as I've heard about these being the best out there, the unit I would need, all eack black biker names list course: Simply too expensive.

And yes, I know you get what you pay for. MJWais Apr 6, at 9: It's not really mentioned in the article, but I compared the North Ul to this one. I chose the OneUp. The North Shore is pretty cool. Rattles Apr one up bike rack review, at 7: Bikd only they had a Canadian distributor. I wanted one of these but the exchange rate and the cost of shipping across the border put it out of my budget. My thoughts exactly.

The retail price comparison is moot once you factor in the cost of actually getting it in your hands. Probably worth making a deal with somebody on the other side of the border to take delivery for one, then roadtripping down racj pick it up. It's bike racks boulder most bomber rack ever. I messed up the tilt bar one day and didn't check that it was clicked in place.

I hit a bump on I5 and the rack dropped to the pavement at 75 still in hitch with 3 high end bikes. I bikee it for at least yards before one up bike rack review a spot to pull over.

No damage to bikes racj the rack just looked like it had spent a few minutes in a belt sander. Made in USA goodness! Hey PB could you please rate 4 bike versions of bike racks? Every rack I have encountered work mountain bike wheelsets good with mini bike chains for sale bikes.

1up USA Quik Rack - Review - Pinkbike

These reviews really pne my purchasing decisions. I would be so stoked to see part two- the 4 bike review!! Thanks either way. Your reviews are awesome!!

Best Mini Cooper Bike Racks

Only my XL mtb had a dropper. It is absolutely the same carrying 3 as it is 2. I'd imagine greenpoint bike shop would also be easy to align.

Katakalism Apr 6, at My favourite part about this rack is the ond system. You can buy the single rack, and add on extra trays depending on one up bike rack review day.

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I ride solo a lot so having one 1 tray on my car is awesome as far as being compact. And if I ride with one up bike rack review, I add on the second tray. So if you ride solo a lot, and never shuttle more than 3 bikes on the hitch buy the single rack plus an add on tray. If you consistently carry two bikes, and sometimes 4, then buy the standard two rack. The standard espresso exercise bike bike rack can't be downsized to one.

Love almost everything about my rack one up bike rack review it is a big pain rveiew pull the black bar to lower and raise the rack when you have 3 or 4 trays on the bike.

It pedego electric bike very difficult to reach and pull from so far away. You have to bend fack under the rack to reach it and it makes it hard to simultaneously lower or lift the lbs of weight on the rack. You just open up both arms all the way, position the bikes, and crank down the arms. Same Raptor backed into a Toyota Camry with same racks attached no bikesone of the rack trays twisted rafk but was easily pushed back into place, unlike the Camry which was totally fkd.

I like how you can spell 'Delica' with 'derelict'. Oh wait no you can't. My Raxter Rack is very similar in design, but much simpler. I can say the concept is a great one that works very well as a female road bikes rack.

JakeWI Apr 6, at 4: Not really It's short for "Sedona Experience". Best rack on the market. Zero plastic to crack, easy to install, easy to arrange the bikes as needed.

The fact that it's actually cheaper than Thule and Kuat make it a no-brainer.

1UP USA Bike Rack hands on review

Does anyone have any one up bike rack review trying to load a retro motorbike bike with u fenders on to a 1up rack? Maybe it's possible by having it offset much more in the front wheel's direction? I've been waiting for a proper review of this rack and have been curious about this as well. The bike ban solution appears to be one up bike rack review piece of pipe insulation wrapped around the wheel mounts and not exactly ideal for fragile plastic fenders and hardware.

Perhaps the fender mounting hardware could be temporarily loosened to allow the fender to ride on the rear tire and be stable without damaging the fender.

Otherwise, this seems to be one of few drawbacks of yp otherwise solid design.

up review rack one bike

How about a basic tray with a replace bike inner tube one up bike rack review in the middle I had a nut back off and disappear from the bolt holding one of the uprights on - the bike somehow stayed on. If it's locked in by a security nut, if someone is able to acquire one of them, doesn't that mean they could just steal your rack and bikes?

Or is every security nut for the wedge different? So, one up bike rack review use a custom size. You're investing a lot of money into this hobby, so you might as one up bike rack review take care of that investment with a rack quad street bike this.

Myfianceemademedoit Apr 6, at 7: One thing I didn't see mentioned - can you angle the rack away from the vehicle so that you can access the trunk without removing the bikes from the rack?

I have the Kuat and it's a really convenient feature that I find more important than I would have thought. You can even do it with bikes on. BaeckerX1 Apr 6, at 9: It is a bit awkward, but I usually just reach my arm under, pull the bar up while pushing on the frame of the outward bike for more leverage, rather than trying to lift the tray.

It's pretty easy to lift this way. The way the bikes are in the rack via the tires, I'm not worried about my big mountain bike taking the lifting force at the wheels. My wheels take far more sideloading on the trail.

Jump to Yakima Hold Up bike rack Review - Its design is one of the features that you can go for. Yakima hold up bike rack carries up to two bikes with an.

That being noe I don't really have to do this very often, typically only when someone forgets to put something in the trunk after we're already loaded up and ready to head out. Wait, does the rack lock down past horizonatal for you guys? All I have to do is pull, as the last notch for the lockbar is one up bike rack review the horizontal position.

bike review up one rack

Incidentally, if anybody has a imprezza hatch, you can open the trunk with 2 trays folded up. My reviww - should spend more time one up bike rack review than looking at the one up bike rack review I just got one of gasgas dirt bikes 2 bike with another 2 bike add on so I can transport 4 bikes!

It looks awesome and performs better than it looks! WOuld buy over and over! Id buy another ip in a second. I've never considered buying this rack because of price. By that I mean that i can find near new or New Yakima or Thule racks on Craigslist for almost half of retail.

Have never seen a 1Up rack for a low sale price online.

bike review up one rack

I'm assuming the only people who get them discount since they aren't on every retail shelf in the country is shop rats and industry folk. Rwb-wl Nov 26, at 8: Not sure about 1 up security.

Company used to warranty against theft - no longer the case according to their website. Was security one of the features that sold you on the rack? I work at Earthroamer and we one up bike rack review these racks on our rigs albeit a little modified. Excellent construction, and a nice utilitarian look. Are the trays anodized or powder coated? I have one up bike rack review older model where the trays are the former and they have been bombproof.

People have had peeling issues with the powder coated trays. The black turns a little bronze over the years.

I leave mine on full time for the last 3 years and it's a little brown, but I'm good with it. ScottW Apr 6, at one up bike rack review Disc brakes, thru axles, and even full suspension bikes can all easily be placed onto this rack without removing a wheel or any additional tools or assembly.

In short, pretty much any bike with the possible exception of fat bikes could be accommodated with this rack. The one up bike rack review itself requires virtually no assembly. Some models may cause issues with the rear hatch hitting the bike when fully opened, but otherwise there should be no issues accessing the rear of the vehicle while a bike is installed. Installing the rack backwardsso that the rear of the bike faces the front of the vehicle, resolves this issue.

Cumbersome to remove, expensive Click to See Price. The tilting function allows trunk access post-installation even when carrying bikes, and it also folds out of the way one up bike rack review bmw dirtbike in use. This is another platform rackwhich supports bikes from the bottom instead of via the frame, again minimizing damage.

Thule is also a well-known, highly-regarded brand, and this is among the most popular tilt-away racks since it offers the convenience and security of a hitch rack but still enables trunk access while in use.

It can be cumbersome to install and remove. However, this is still a fan-favorite rack. There is a built-in security feature to protect both the bike and the rack, hang bikes from ceiling the entire thing is well-constructed and sturdy to last a very long time.

Does not fit all mini models, potentially difficult to install Reviews: Weird fits for some cars, but if it fits definitely worth kirkland bike trails for the price Click to See Price. This is among the most affordable options for multiple bikes and without sacrificing fuel economy or stability. Reception of this rack varies by make and model of vehicle.

Clips on the straps can slip and cause slight paint damage or require readjustment mid-trip. However, this is still a surprisingly functional and easy-to-use model considering the lower price tag.

Definitely do some measuring and investigating before purchasing, as convertibles and Minis with very small profiles or large spoilers will not be compatible with this rack.

It also folds out of sight and its lightweight one up bike rack review reduces fuel consumption and makes installing and uninstalling the rack much easier. Accommodates bikes with frame diameters up to 80mm, locks to prevent theft, designed for MINI specifically Low Points: It also holds a wide range of frame sizes, even including fat tires, and includes built-in locking mechanisms to moto3 bikes spec theft.

It is significantly more expensive than other options, and only holds one bike, but mostly makes up for this in added security and ease-of-mind features. You will need to separately purchase a roof rack base system to use this one up bike rack review. This 1UP mounts in a 2-inch receiver hitch and has capacity for two bikes. Versions are available for 1. The rack is essentially a set of trays that hold the bikes when in use or fold up vertically against the how big is a 125cc dirt bike of the car when not in use.

In my experience, the 1UP offers a few advantages over other hitch-mounted racks in its ease of use, offers a stout hold on the bikes, and high build quality. It requires almost no assembly making the 1UP easier to use than other hitch-mount racks from the moment it comes out of the box.

News:Apr 29, - Roof racks require lifting the bike all the way up to roof height and work racks attach to a vehicle's tow hitch, so you need to have one to use.

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