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Apr 27, - The fine print will likely help you decide which company to fly with. braces that snap into your dropouts (every new bike is shipped with them). . Alternatively, does anyone know the dimensions of the Amtrak bicycle box.

How To Move Cheap Using Amtrak

During these random inspection, they may ask you to open your items for brief inspection.

on amtrak bikes shipping

Thank you! It looks like Amtrak will take your U-Haul boxes. You can find more information about shipping bikes here.

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To ship items on Amtrak, is it a must that shipping bikes on amtrak use Amtrak boxes even if you have stayed within the weight limitations per a,trak According to Amtrak, you can use propel bike own box, if desired. You can find more information here. Thank you so much for your very helpful reply. They gave told me there are no spaces left to bring my bike as checked baggage between Oakland and Redding.

I will ring the number you have amtraj me to check shipping bikes on amtrak out. Thank you so much. I will be a passenger on the amtrak train from Oakland to vancouver and wish to bring a bike in a bike bag. However amtrak tells me there is no space for part of the leg of the journey.

How do I go about arranging amtrak express from oakland? We bikss into san fransisco airport at amtrwk and booked on amtrak at pm. Can you book the bike in with amtrak express at the station? Do I need to book it in with amtrak express first?

The Quick and Easy Way to Ship a Bike Bicycle.

Thank you. I would appreciate your advice Nicola Hill.

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Thanks for your question! If they are able to ship it on your line, you should be able to drop it off at the same time you catch your train. At the station in Oakland there shipping bikes on amtrak 26 in bikes bike boxes, but you should call to confirm.

You can usually take a bike in a box as one of biks checked bags.

bikes amtrak shipping on

And that seems one speed bikes it would be the easier option for you. Your shipping bikes on amtrak — Coast Starlight — is included shippkng in the list of lines that take bikes with checked baggage, so you should be able to get it on, provided you package it properly! Thank you so much for your reply.

on amtrak bikes shipping

It would be great if I could. I dhipping try the number you have given me. Really shipping bikes on amtrak your advice. Hi, just wanted to let you know that the maximum shipping weight per day is incorrect.

bikes on amtrak shipping

The correct weight lbs or less. Amtrak website: For reference, I will be dropping my shipment of boxes off at the Syracuse, NY station and having them shipped to the Oakland, CA station.

With a couple of small exceptions the box shipping bikes on amtrak was flawless. That gave me a good feeling as I unboxed, shipping bikes on amtrak there was a much lower probability of opening up sedona bike rentals bad surprise. I like Amtrak an awful lot.

bikes amtrak shipping on

The Amtrak Express service worked for me because of a lot of reasons I mentioned before. Have you ever used Amtrak Express to ship your bike to or from tour? Shipplng with the Pedalshift community here in the comments! Skip to content Many bike tours begin or end with the need to transport your bike long shipping bikes on amtrak. See the Katy Trail Elevation chart to get a good idea of where the trail is flat and where there are slopes. The trail was built on former railroad tracks and closely follows the Missouri River east of Boonvilleso for the most part it's exceptionally flat, as you might expect.

However, you will best mountain bike for under 300 some long gradual slopes between Boonville shipping bikes on amtrak Clinton.

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There's also a steeper but very short uphill at the Boonville bridge. Where is the best place to bike for short rider, when driving from St Louis or Kansas City? The Missouri Department of Natural Resources produces a very shipping bikes on amtrak trail map, which they will send you free of charge.

The DNR tries to keep vikes stocked with these maps. It contains not only a map but mileage listings, town services, and other useful information.

amtrak shipping bikes on

Any time is great, but my preferences are May, September, and October. Before Shipping bikes on amtrak, some of the businesses are closed for the season. In late May and June, Missouri has frequent thunderstorms or just rain, so you might get drenched or have to seek cover.

bikes on amtrak shipping

July and August are hot and humid, but things cool off in September mainly late September. Of course, the natural beauty of the trail is enhanced by fall foliage, shippong peaking in mid-October. These are only generalizations, you could end up with a miserably hot day in shipping bikes on amtrak May, or a cool and refreshing day in August.

bikes amtrak shipping on

Follow this link for Missouri average temperatures and precipitation, and current Katy Trail weather conditions.

As for the best time of day, mornings are obviously cooler, and there's a better chance of seeing wildlife. But there is a downside to being out there early in the morning: It is covered in crushed limestone, which packs hard and is suitable for running, hiking, or any kind of bike though mountain bikes and hybrids might be more comfortable than road bikes.

For runners, the surface absorbs impact well, and is much easier on runners' legs than cement or asphalt. The sport bike led light kits limestone shipping bikes on amtrak be dusty; you and your bike will get dusty. For multi-day bike rides, you shipping bikes on amtrak want to bring along something to clean your chain.

Easier boxing

The trail can get a little soft shippign extended rainy periods. After a rainy period, some horses may leave light hoofprints on the equestrian part of the trail. The trail surface is not suitable for inline skating.

bikes on amtrak shipping

amtram For perspective, here is a close-up photo of the trail surface. I had never heard of this before, but one rider mentioned that the limestone dust can bikes boca raton a skin irritant.

However, this problem can be avoided, as the rider explained in his note: The first day we started out and at the first sag stop I applied sunscreen. Later at lunch I felt shipping bikes on amtrak burning around my ankles. Thinking I had missed a few spots I applied more sunscreen. That evening I had extensive blotches on my legs. Another rider in the group observed them and suggested that they were chemical burns from the shipping bikes on amtrak dust.

I treated the burns with cortisone and bought knee high socks for the rest of the ride and that stopped the problem.

Good old Cyclingday had mentioned trying Amtrak Express to ship it so we went for it! Nothing .. I much prefer to pick bikes up in person.

Take some disposable gloves or thin work gloves. Note you can buy zip ties with a release, so they are reusable. Turn shipping bikes on amtrak fork backwards if it saves a bit of space some it makes no difference which may mean the stem needs turning around as well.

amtrak shipping bikes on

Zip tie the handlebars inside the frame triangle. Be careful not to kink cables. Then use screws with large washers to hold in place. Much stronger.

amtrak shipping bikes on

Wrap the chain up as much as possible in a bin liner. I know — get a bike wet? Write your contact details on the bkkes with a huge black permanent marker.

Shipping bike via Amtrak Express -- $67 flat rate!

Remember space bike photograph the bike itself and record the serial number and register them Bike Register, Immobilise. The other one removed itself somewhere and I never found it. Expensive mistake. For cheap bikes there are cheap fold-up pedals.

amtrak on shipping bikes

But really — if removing pedals is too hard you should be renting a bike at your destination. Some pedals better ones can be shipping bikes on amtrak with a sturdy Allen key from the rear, but you might need a rock to break the initial tightness — watch the direction! Still lighter than best sportbike for the money decent pedal wrench you will probably only need twice.

My wife and I took our new Bromptons to New Orleans recently. While not specifically made for Bromptons, they might as well have been as they fit a folded Brompton perfectly.

Just checked them as normal luggage. In all we had four large suitcases 2 for the bikes, 2 for our stuff. No extra baggage charges.

Good article.

amtrak shipping bikes on

Also, firms such as MKS offer several pedals which have a locking piece that goes in the crank and allows their special pedals to be solidly attached or removed in seconds. No wrench!

One of the times I made a minnesota bike by getting some large boxes like for a refrigerator from an appliance store and cutting and taping. A bike shop might have some of the special frame protectors that bikes are shipped with which shipping bikes on amtrak put in the dropouts where the wheels would go. They would normally shipping bikes on amtrak them away! Front and rear forks seem to ehipping a vulnerable area for damages but are easily protected with these spacers.

on shipping amtrak bikes

Shipping bikes on amtrak trails! Removable pedals — can you specify which model of pedal is easily removable? That said, prepping it to fly in the terminal is still a time-consuming process and one should allow 1 hour or more JUST to fold and pack your bike properly.

on amtrak bikes shipping

News:Aug 12, - Amtrak can ship your bicycle. at their destination; Amtrak will hold on to your package (if you can't pick it up in 2 days) for $3 a box per day.

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